Magic Bullets

Magic Bullets gear up for their latest and final release in the form of Much Ado About: a seven track EP that comprises perhaps their best work yet. The EP comes out April 3, 2012.  The San Francisco quintet featuring Philip Benson (vocals), Corey Cunningham (guitar), Nathan Sweatt (bass), Sean McDonnell (keyboards), and Alex Kaiser (drums) dissolved last fall, playing their last show on August 24 at The Rickshaw Stop. The three original members (Phil, Corey, and Nathan) had been playing together for 7 years as Magic Bullets before calling it quits as said incarnation.

But before they say their ‘so-long’s and ‘farewell’s, they’re leaving us with one more incredible EP recorded, mixed, and co-produced by Monte Vallier (Half Church/Swell). The collection starts and ends with the sound of a cassette being placed in and taken out of a stereo, lending a nostalgic air of hearing an old mix tape from a good friend. The album spans a breadth of emotion and style, displaying the eclectic influences that characterized their last record. From the Luther Vandross and Chic leanings of “Common House Cats” to the William Ackerman inspired “No Longer There”, Much Ado About will delight fans who have already come to love the band’s broad approach to jangle-pop. Audiences who attended their set at SXSW last year and CMJ the year prior will likely recognize some tracks which were live favorites and were recorded in San Francisco in January and June of 2011.

Though the band thinks it was fun while it lasted, and maintain they may get back together some day…for now, we at least have an awesome collection of tracks to remember them by.

Download the single “What Took You So Long?” here.

Much Ado About

1.  Unlearned
2.  Time And Again
3.  Common House Cats
4.  Awful
5.  What Took You So Long?
6.  No Longer There
7.  If You Touch Her